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Explore the stories below for curated news, stories, and inspiration from within the Cardano ecosystem.

Interview: Rejuve.AI

In this interview, Jasmine, CEO and co-founder of Rejuve.AI, provides insight into the project's mission to address human aging and longevity challenges. The decentralized research network uses AI and blockchain to reward data contributors, deliver personalized insights and establish connections with trusted providers in a Web3-based ecosystem for longevity.

The decision to launch on Cardano reflects their commitment to decentralization and governance. Jasmine discusses performance, highlights the unique features of the Longevity App and outlines the future roadmap.

The interview concludes with a look at the key partnerships contributing to Rejuve.AI's success. Lets dive right in!


Plutus V3 on TestNet

Plutus V3's launch on SanchoNet represents a pivotal advancement for Cardano, introducing substantial improvements in smart contract efficiency, developer experience, and cross-chain interoperability. This evolution from Plutus V1 through V3, driven by a need for higher throughput and enhanced functionality, showcases Cardano's commitment to fostering a scalable, developer-friendly ecosystem. Plutus V3 enhances Cardano's DeFi capabilities, supports complex applications, and integrates advanced cryptographic and governance features, reinforcing its position as a leading blockchain platform for innovation and community-driven development.

Plutus V3 on TestNet

Interview: VESPR Wallet

In this interview, Derek, Co-founder of VESPR Wallet, discusses the development of their Cardano wallet. VESPR aims to address the shortcomings of existing wallets with a focus on simplicity and user-friendly design, catering to both newcomers and experienced users.

The interview highlights VESPR's agile approach, operating without a fixed roadmap to adapt to evolving trends and user feedback. Future plans include launching a desktop version and prioritizing hardware wallet support.

Partnerships with organizations like 21ADA Stakepool, DexHunter, Uphold, DripDropz, and HOSKY Token are mentioned, adding collaborative features to VESPR. This interview presents VESPR Wallet as a solution emphasizing practicality and usability in the Cardano ecosystem. Let's right dive in!


Catalyst Working Groups - a proposal to the Cardano community and how to get involved!

The Catalyst Team proposes Catalyst Working Groups to involve the Cardano community in shaping future funding rounds through data-driven analysis. This initiative emphasizes collaboration with the global community to foster innovation and decentralize the decision-making process for funding priorities. Fund11 voting will determine the community's interest in dedicating resources to this program, aiming to enhance Cardano's innovation funding by incorporating diverse insights and accelerating startup innovation. Successful proposals will kick off with Fund12 and include community-hosted events, with support and compensation provided to ensure active community participation in determining Cardano's funding objectives.

SanchoNet: The Gateway to Community Governance

2023 Cardano Highlights

In 2023, Cardano's ecosystem thrived with major innovations, protocol launches, and significant events, marking a year of substantial growth and development. Highlights include the launch of Liqwid Finance, the Valentine Hardfork, VyFinance DEX, and groundbreaking NFT initiatives, enhancing DeFi and NFT market presence. Additionally, Marlowe's release democratized smart contract creation, while Spectrum Finance introduced a decentralized DEX. Events like Rare Evo and NFTxLV 2023 showcased the community's vibrancy, with ADAmail and OrcFax Oracle further expanding Cardano's Web3 and oracle capabilities. The year concluded with Rosenbridge, facilitating Cardano-Ergo interoperability, setting a strong foundation for future innovation.

2023 Cardano Highlights

Why Buidler Fest?

The concept of a technical-focused Cardano event, Cardano Buidler Fest, was born from discussions among developers working on Hydra in 2023. Recognizing a gap in existing Cardano events, which cater to a broader audience, this fest aims to bridge the divide between developers on the Cardano platform and those building applications on it. It seeks to provide a technology-centric space for in-depth discussions, sharing, and learning, addressing the complex and evolving nature of Cardano's technology and ecosystem. The event encourages participation from the community to shape its content, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange among Cardano technologists and beyond.

Why Buidler Fest

Interview: Mainstreet

In today's interview, Lloyd Duhon, Chief Operations Officer at Mainstreet, provides a deep dive into the platform's unique use case, development outlook for the next 12 months, and tantalizing glimpses of their exciting roadmap. As the COO, Lloyd plays a pivotal role in establishing and optimizing Mainstreet's operational foundations, thereby contributing significantly to the platform's growth and advancement in the rapidly evolving peer-to-peer commerce landscape.

Mainstreet strategically positions itself among industry leaders like Paypal and Stripe, showcasing an innovative and competitive edge. The platform sets itself apart by delivering a swifter and more user-friendly interface, effectively tackling the challenges associated with cryptocurrencies. This commitment ensures a seamless experience for both consumers and business owners. As we explore further into Mainstreet's narrative, it becomes evident that they are not just keeping pace with industry standards but actively redefining them. Let's dive right into the exciting world of Mainstreet!


SanchoNet: The Gateway to Community Governance

Cardano's journey towards enhanced on-chain governance is marked by the introduction of SanchoNet, a platform designed to engage ada holders in the governance process through the Cardano Improvement Protocol (CIP) 1694. SanchoNet, launched in phases, allows participants to test and provide feedback on governance mechanisms, playing roles like test-ada holders, stake pool operators, and delegate representatives.

SanchoNet: The Gateway to Community Governance

Interview: Lenfi

In today's interview, we'll explore the world of Lenfi, a decentralised protocol for lending and borrowing which operates without custodial control. Lenfi was built on the Cardano blockchain, and we have a special guest joining us, Mantas, the lead developer responsible for this exciting project. So, what exactly is Lenfi, and why did they choose Cardano as their platform? Read further to discover these answers and more.

Here's an interesting insight. Were you aware that Lenfi enables depositors to offer liquidity? You can deposit your funds with predetermined conditions or in any of the liquidity pools. Let's explore the depths of Lenfi's universe to grasp its tremendous potential.


Meet AdaStat, a cutting-edge Cardano (ADA) Blockchain Explorer, crafted by active members of the Russian-speaking Cardano community. It's your independent alternative to standard network-developed explorers. With AdaStat, you can effortlessly explore blocks, transactions, pools, addresses, accounts, epochs, and slots, including active epochs, created blocks, staking rewards, and more.

Some of AdaStat's unique features include a versatile Chart Maker for custom graphics and a robust pool filter for refining pool searches based on parameters like pledge, delegators, and stake size. For deeper insights into this fascinating explorer, we highly recommend reading through interview with the project's co-founder and Lead Developer, Dmitry Stashenko.