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The Launch of PRAGMA

The Cardano Foundation, along with Blink Labs, dcSpark, Sundae Labs, and TxPipe, announced the launch of PRAGMA, a not-for-profit open-source association for blockchain software projects. PRAGMA aims to foster an open-source ecosystem for Cardano and other blockchains, focusing on projects like Amaru and Aiken. Membership will open to broader developers in 2025, supporting the creation of innovative, enterprise-focused technologies.

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The Launch of Intersect

Intersect, a member-based organization for the Cardano ecosystem, invites the community to join and help shape Cardano's future. Founding Members can co-design Intersect and participate in governance tooling initiatives, with grants up to 1.68 million ada. Intersect, vital to the "age of Voltaire," focuses on Cardano's maintenance and development, uniting companies, developers, and individuals. Membership enables proactive involvement in Cardano's evolution, including applying for grants and participating in committees. Nigel Hemsley emphasizes Cardano's secure, transparent, and decentralized growth, supported by its large community and numerous contributors.

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