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5 Blockchain Learning Trends

Blockchain education is evolving with increased mainstream interest and diverse learner backgrounds. Here are five trends:

  1. Government Engagement: Governments are integrating blockchain services and creating educational programs for public sector employees.
  2. University Courses: Universities are expanding blockchain education to undergraduate and non-technical programs.
  3. Corporate Training: Companies are embracing blockchain, offering employee education through corporate programs.
  4. Non-Technical Learning: Blockchain courses for non-technical people are growing, focusing on user security and industry practices.
  5. Open Education Resources (OER): Universities are issuing blockchain-backed credentials and creating OER, attracting UNESCO’s attention.

5 blockchain learning trends

Popular Wallet Scams

Crypto scams are rising with market growth. Common scams include fake URLs, fake wallet apps, and unsolicited airdropped tokens/NFTs directing users to malicious sites. Protect yourself by verifying URLs, using secure connections (https://), avoiding unsolicited messages, and never sharing your seed phrase. Always download wallets from official sources and double-check transaction details before signing. Bookmark verified sites and use browser tools to confirm website authenticity. Stay vigilant to safeguard your assets.

popular wallet scams

Cardano Wallets Starter Guide

Cardano wallets, essential for blockchain interaction, range from hot wallets for convenience, cold storage for security, to full node wallets for transaction validation. Hot wallets like Nami, Typhon, Eternl, VESPR, and Lace offer various features. Cold storage options Ledger, Trezor, and Keystone provide offline security. The full node wallet Daedalus ensures maximum security by validating transactions locally. Each type caters to different user needs.

Cardano Wallets Starter Guide

The Cardano Academy is live

Hello, we’re pleased to announce the launch of the Cardano Academy. The first certified course, Cardano Blockchain Certified Associate (CBCA) Course, is now available. Enhance your blockchain knowledge with educational materials and gamified learning. Start for free with flexible, on-the-go access.

cardano academy