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Explore the stories below for curated news, stories, and inspiration from within the Cardano ecosystem.

Speakers for Cardano Summit 2023

The Cardano Foundation today announced the first round of speakers for its flagship annual event, Cardano Summit 2023, which will take place from 2 to 4 November, 2023, with the main stage at the Grand Hyatt in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This year's event will welcome representatives from a broad range of experts and leaders in the blockchain space.

Cardano Summit 2023 Speakers

Cardano Summit Hackathon: Transparency for Governance

The first-ever Cardano Summit Hackathon precedes the Summit’s main event and is already happening online. Final submissions close on 14 September 2023, with an expert panel from the Cardano Foundation and EMURGO judging each entry to decide which participants will take home the top prize—USD $10,000, plus a $5,000 travel and accommodation allowance for attending the Summit in Dubai. Read more

Transparency for Governance

Interview: W3:Ride

W3:Ride revolutionizes cycling fitness through gamification, fostering an engaging community. Achievements, challenges, and progress tracking make cycling enjoyable and healthier. The app encourages global connections, while a unique reward system promotes cycling over cars. Personalized virtual bikes and avatars enhance user identity, and charitable partnerships empower cyclists to ride for meaningful causes. By linking the app with Strava, Apple Health, or Google Fit, users accumulate $Cyclr based on distance, duration, and speed. Find out more about this exciting project as we delve into more details with co-founder and CEO, Romain Pomarelle.


Interview: DEMU

DEMU's vision is to establish a direct connection between fans and the artists they love, fostering deeper relationships. Their mission is to equip artists worldwide with advanced tools to streamline music sales and licensing, increase licensing revenues, and regain control over their business. The DEMU protocol ensures fair distribution of royalty payments to rights holders for all on-chain sales channels, providing real-time visibility into music usage and owed earnings. To achieve this, DEMU replaces expensive centralized solutions with a decentralized network of node operators, securing music through token-gated access, granting artists full control, and eliminating costly content storage overhead.


Interview: Mandala Metaverse

Most stories today are not creating a positive global culture or envisioning a sustainable future for the next seven generations. Video games are violent, social media is toxic, and TV content is dumbing us down. Mandala aims to change this! In the following interview, the team explains how they aim to create a positive global culture and envision a sustainable future by offering a new narrative that breaks away from the negative influences of current media. Their multiverse incorporates a variety of mythologies, inviting audiences to participate actively and make a difference. Through existing distribution platforms, Mandala seeks to broaden worldviews and catalyze a cultural shift during a critical time in human entertainment.


Cardano Foundation Launches Inaugural Annual Report

The Cardano Foundation launched its inaugural Annual Report today. From technical infrastructure support to spreading knowledge or establishing targeted partnerships and collaborations, the report showcases the Foundation’s work across its three core focus areas of operational resilience, education, and adoption.

Annual Report 2022

Interview: Mesh

In this interview, Jingles, one of the co-founders of Mesh, talks about the project and how it aims to improve the developer experience within the Cardano ecosystem. Mesh is an open-source software developer kit that provides developers with the necessary resources and support to build innovative and impactful applications on the Cardano blockchain. Jingles discusses Mesh's features, the reasons for choosing Cardano, and the project's plans, such as a bounty program and improving the serialization library.


Dynamic P2P is available on mainnet

Dynamic P2P networking is an important evolution for Cardano and a further boost to the network's performance, resilience, and decentralization. It comes as a built-in functionality with node v.1.35.6 release today. The SPO community is now encouraged to test P2P functionality by updating one of their relays to use the P2P topology mode.

Cardano Summit 2023 Speakers

Valentine Upgrade FAQ

A set of frequently asked questions about the recent Valentine upgrade. It introduces built-in functions for ECDSA and Schnorr signatures alongside Cardano's native signature system, facilitating efficient cross-chain applications. This upgrade, requiring a focused hard fork, maintains the ledger era while expanding developer tools for secure and versatile DApp creation. It leverages popular cryptographic standards to enhance Cardano's usability and interoperability with other blockchains, ensuring high security through expert audits.

Valentine Upgrade FAQ

Cardano Foundation Core Focus Areas

The Cardano Foundation focuses on transparency, governance, and accountability in blockchain, emphasizing the importance of widespread access to information for full realization. It drives the adoption of the Cardano blockchain as a foundational layer for future financial and social systems through three core areas: operational resilience, education, and adoption.