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What is ada?

A new type of currency. A new means of transaction.
Direct. Secure. From Anywhere. For Everyone.

What is ada?
Ada Lovelace looking to the rightAda Lovelace looking to the right

What can I do with ada?

Ada Is The Native Token Of Cardano

It is named after Ada Lovelace: a 19th-century mathematician who is recognized as the first computer programmer, and is the daughter of the poet Lord Byron.

Ada is a digital currency. Any user, located anywhere in the world, can use ada as a secure exchange of value – without requiring a third party to mediate the exchange. Every transaction is permanently, securely, and transparently recorded on the Cardano blockchain.

Every ada holder also holds a stake in the Cardano network. Ada stored in a wallet can be delegated to a stake pool to earn rewards – to participate in the successful running of the network – or found and run your own stake pool to increase the pool's likelihood of receiving rewards. In time, ada will also be usable for a variety of applications and services on the Cardano platform.

Delegate your stake

Operate a stake pool

How Do I Buy/Sell Ada?

You can buy or sell ada for fiat or other cryptocurrencies using cryptocurrency exchanges. Visit coinmarketcap to see the list of exchanges that support ada.

As an ada holder, it is important to keep your funds secure, and that means you need to keep your private keys private. It is highly recommended to avoid keeping your cryptocurrency in an exchange longer than necessary, and instead to use a cryptocurrency wallet.

Cardano Wallets
Get TyphonGet Typhon

Typhon Wallet

Blazing fast, feature-rich, secure, beautiful web and extension Cardano wallet. Delegate to multiple pools of your choice with multi-accounts.

Browser extension for Chrome, Brave and Edge

Get FlintGet Flint

Flint Wallet

Flint’s lightweight and user-friendly design lets you manage your crypto assets and access the world of DeFi with ease.

Browser extension and app for iOS and Android

Get YoroiGet Yoroi

Yoroi Wallet

A user-friendly, open-source Cardano wallet with a browser-based interface, providing a convenient way to manage ada holdings securely. Yoroi is also available as mobile app.

Browser extension and app for iOS and Android

Get EternlGet Eternl

Eternl Wallet

The alternative Cardano light wallet in the browser. Aims to add features most requested by the Cardano community. Eternl is also available as mobile app.

Browser extension and app for iOS and Android


VESPR Wallet

VESPR is a non-custodial mobile light wallet for the Cardano network, prioritizing the security and safety of your digital assets while ensuring exceptional ease-of-use.

App for iOS and Android

Get LaceGet Lace

Lace Wallet

An open-source light wallet platform from IOG, one of the creators of Cardano. Manually verified by an independent auditor, Lace lets you quickly, easily, and securely manage your digital assets and enjoy Web3.

Browser extension for Chrome, Brave

More Wallets

Discover a wide variety of wallets designed to facilitate your interaction with Cardano ecosystem in the Wallet Showcase.

The example applications are provided for informational purposes only and not endorsed or approved. Their use is strictly at your own risk. The descriptions have been provided by the respective project teams.

How Do I Store My Ada And Keep It Safe?

A cryptocurrency wallet is a software program designed to store your public and private keys, send and receive digital currencies, monitor your balance, and interact with supported blockchains.

In addition to the variation of wallets available, there are also two types of wallets: a hot wallet and a cold wallet.


A hot wallet is connected to the internet and can be accessed at any time with the requisite keys. Examples of hot wallets include mobile and software wallets, and funds stored on exchanges.


A cold wallet is an offline wallet. It is not connected to the internet and is used for securing storing funds that do not have to be frequently accessed. Examples include hardware wallets - which is a secure hardware device that stores the wallet’s private keys - and paper wallets. Cardano is supported by both Trezor and Ledger hardware wallets.