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Integrate Cardano

Easy integration with Cardano. All of the upgrades. None of the maintenance.

There are various ways to integrate Cardano, one of which is Adrestia. The Adrestia team focuses on supporting exchange and developer integrations by providing a wallet SDK and set of APIs that make it easier for developers and exchanges to integrate and interact with Cardano across releases.

Why Adrestia?

Blockchains - and especially Cardano - are fast developing. Staying up to date with releases can become a maintenance challenge. We’re committed to making it as easy as possible to develop and integrate with Cardano. Through Adrestia, Cardano is adaptable to your systems and requirements.

Improvements to Cardano should not mean greater complexity or resource overhead. We want to innovate and deploy improvements as they’re available, and as they become necessary. This might mean a few updates one month, and many the next. Adrestia is a consistent SDK and set of GraphQL APIs that make it easy for developers to create applications and maintain core compatibility and functionality with the Cardano network across releases.

Focus On What Matters. Leave The Rest To Us

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What makes Adrestia different?

Cardano’s architecture is built for modularity and adaptability. Through Adrestia, we’re able to save developers and exchanges significant maintenance overhead and, most importantly, time.

Unlike most blockchain API suites, Adrestia decouples and splits out key services from the core Cardano node. The new SDK and APIs are consistent across releases, which means developers are not required to re-learn the platform with each release. Adrestia offers a host of self-contained services and ways to query, transact, and extract information.


Reduce Time To Market

Develop applications for Cardano without worrying about new releases breaking your code.


Reduce Downtime

Fewer backward compatibility issues mean significantly reduced downtime.


Reduce Maintenance Costs

Spend less time and resources on maintaining application compatibility across releases.


Increase Productivity

Focus on what matters - application and wallet development - and leave the updates to us.

Discover how components work and interact with the Cardano core node, and choose the right component to suit your requirements.

Learn the Core Node Architecture

How Does It Work?

Cardano introduces an additional layer between users and developers and the core node. Within this layer, our code node team tracks and manages complex changes, potential issues, and hard forks that arise from protocol improvements. We implement necessary updates across Adrestia libraries and APIs, and take care of the maintenance so you don’t have to.

Adrestia User Guide

Find out more about Adrestia and what it could mean for you. Our user guide is a handy, straight-forward resource to help you determine which actions to take and when.

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Adrestia Component Overview & Flow Chart Guide

Discover our new, self-contained set of libraries and APIs to decide which is right for you.

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