A developing platform, Cardano is being built to accommodate a broad range of use cases, solving problems across multiple industry verticals.

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    Credential verification


    Atala PRISM (IOHK)


    The issuance of academic certifications is heavily centralized. If diplomas, degrees, or other credentials are damaged or lost, the re-issue process is often costly, and the issuing institution might no longer exist. Sharing these credentials is also difficult, as academic achievements are traditionally issued in physical form, which makes it almost impossible to share when and where needed.

    Atala PRISM is an ID & credentials solution built on the Cardano blockchain. Atala PRISM secures academic certifications within an immutable and tamper-proof ecosystem, empowering students to own and share their achievements, and institutions to instantly verify those credentials. Atala PRISM simplifies this process by enabling individuals to instantly share verifiable credentials.

    Atala PRISM gives students ownership and control of their academic achievements, with no third-party intermediaries, while removing friction and costly inefficiencies from the process. The result? A seamless way for students and job seekers to prove who they are and what they have achieved.

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    Product counterfeiting


    Atala SCAN (IOHK)


    In 2018, counterfeit goods inflicted a (US$)300bn blow to the global economy and the problem is getting worse. If the trend is not reversed, markets will become flooded with fake products, leading to substantial financial losses, damage to brand reputation, and marked reduction in customer confidence.

    Anti-counterfeiting initiatives often involve lengthy and costly processes with little discernible effect on the ongoing trade of counterfeit goods. Most fakes are sold online, which means that these rogue traders operate in relative impunity.

    Atala SCAN leverages blockchain technology to offer the solution to this problem: A tamper-proof system to establish product provenance and auditability to ensure every product sold is certified original.

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    Supply chain tracking


    Atala Trace (IOHK), EMURGO solution


    The pandemic has starkly shown that maintaining a solid and constant supply chain is a key pillar for the success and sustainability of any industry sector, and indeed for the safety and well-being of the population.

    Agriculture is a source of food and sustenance whose supply chain must be kept going at all times, as livelihoods depend on it. Blockchain technology has emerged as a viable method to support all the stakeholders along the supply chain: Farmers, hauliers, and retailers can use blockchain for product certification and traceability, from farm to table, using systems like Atala Trace and EMURGO's proprietary traceability solution for transparency in the supply chain.

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    Digital identity


    Atala PRISM (IOHK)


    Current credentials issuance and verification systems are inherently flawed. Document and control remains with the issuer, rather than the individual, for example, which creates a strong dependency on third-party agencies to verify the document’s authenticity. This usually involves a manual, costly, and time-consuming process, depending on the location and response time of the issuing authority.

    Atala PRISM addresses this flaw through the provision of a digital identity service. Leveraging blockchain technology, Atala PRISM enables users to have full control of their credentials, which they can share and instantly verify anytime, anywhere.

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    Onboarding (KYC & AML)


    Atala PRISM (IOHK)


    Identity verification is a key step before accepting new clients into financial institutions or other agencies. Simply opening a new bank account in certain countries takes weeks, for example. Other administrative processes -passport applications, for instance-, even longer. The onboarding process is slow and resource-heavy, often involving multiple third-parties with their own fees, etc.

    Atala PRISM can streamline and accelerate onboarding through the utilization of reusable verified credentials. Atala PRISM leverages blockchain technology to deliver a one-click user experience.

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    Counterfeit medicine


    Atala SCAN (IOHK), EMURGO Solution

    Health care

    Counterfeit and substandard medications pose a significant risk to public health and inflict severe financial loss to legitimate manufacturers. Cost, peer pressure, and other reasons push many people to acquire medications in online pharmacies, which in many cases lack strict controls and regulations surrounding the manufacture and supply of therapeutic drugs. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that more than 50% of medications sold online can be categorized as fake or substandard.

    This problem can be addressed through a blockchain solution. Atala SCAN can authenticate and verify the origin and supply chain of pharmaceutical products, guaranteeing the safety and well-being of patients worldwide.