The Cardano Foundation – in line with its mission to grow the global Cardano community – established its Ambassador Program in 2018. The flagship program is designed to promote awareness and educate the wider community to drive the adoption of Cardano for better use cases.

The Cardano Ambassador Program

The Cardano community is privileged to have committed members.

These active individuals drive adoption by going above and beyond their duties by offering timely, consistent and beneficial contributions to the project. These special people are Cardano Ambassadors.

Currently, the program includes more than 50 ambassadors of all ages and professions from almost 30 countries across the globe, with more individuals qualifying during each review cycle. Cumulatively, existing ambassadors produce content in more than two dozen languages.

In a bid to further strengthen the transparency and decentralization of the Cardano ecosystem, the Cardano Foundation introduced Phase 2 (Rewards) of the program in 2020 to motivate and recognize ambassadors for adding value to the community and enhancing Cardano’s brand. Phase 2 (Rewards) includes both monetary and non-financial rewards. The newest phase of the program contributes towards driving the adoption of Cardano through various means.

Ambassador status

An Ambassadorship opens doors to the global Cardano community. Ambassadors are vital in increasing Cardano’s awareness; to explain what the project is all about to a worldwide audience and provide insights into specific aspects of Cardano.

Ambassadors are key contributors to the project with direct access to the teams building Cardano.

An Ambassadorship grants the following privileges:

  • Get rewarded for your contribution;
  • Direct lines to the Cardano Foundation through dedicated invite-only Ambassador Slack channel;
  • Exclusive invitations to closed events, software previews and calls with our high-performing teams ahead of general public releases;
  • Distinctive Ambassador profile badge on the Cardano Forum;
  • Cardano-branded event swag to give out at your own offline events;
  • Gain valuable experience within the blockchain industry and behind-the-scenes access to the Project;
  • Greater involvement in decision-making processes by providing direct feedback to relevant Project officials.

Ambassador roles

There are four roles for a Cardano Ambassador:


Content Creators drive adoption by educating the community and the wider public about the project through engaging, informative and insightful content in the form of videos, blogs, graphic designs, podcasts, or any other form of artistic production.


Meetup Organizers drive adoption by hosting regular offline Cardano meetups, connect with local blockchain enthusiasts to educate them about Cardano, create think-tanks and have open debates. Meetup Organizers take networking to the next level by exploring new paradigms of social interaction through discussing the use of smart contracts and decentralized finances, trade and communication.


Moderators drive adoption by keeping our official online social media channels informative, productive and a pleasant place for the community to come together in multiple languages across various platforms.


Translators drive adoption by expanding the Cardano project to non-English speaking communities by translating and sharing content in different languages.

Ambassador rewards

Our Ambassador Program is our commitment to encourage, reward and recognize meaningful contributions by our community members. There are two main components of the Cardano Ambassador Program Rewards Scheme: - The actual reward for your contributions in your primary Ambassador role; - Three Ambassador Levels, which will give you the option to contribute in additional Ambassador roles. - The US dollar amounts shown will be paid in ada (₳), our native token named after Ada Lovelace, British mathematical visionary who worked on the Analytical Engine, a mechanical general-purpose computer design.

Content Creators

Power the community with your energy! Community-generated content is vital for driving the adoption of Cardano due to the technical nature and breadth of the project.

A Content Creator is always curious in understanding what interests others and how to educate the wider public with original content. There is no limitation of content type: (e.g. guides, podcasts, articles, Cardano Forum posts, designs, tutorials, technical writing, infographics or videos).

Who is the audience?

We encourage our Content Creators to see the world from outside in:

Who is consuming this content and what questions the reader might have. Discard the unnecessary, see the heart of the matter and provide the answers. You are the expert.


Anyone who is interested in providing content; no specific background required;

Eligibility requirements:

  • You provide at least three previously published pieces of content.
  • To apply for an Ambassadorship and qualify for rewards, simply submit published pieces through the Ambassador nomination form for the formal review of the type and quality of content and to provide feedback.

Below are some of the criteria to assess content:

  • Graphical, text, articles, blogs, audio and/or video content are all acceptable, as well as tools (apps, websites, etc.);
  • Content informs our community about technical or social aspects of the project;
  • Content is up to date, well presented; video and audio are of high quality in resolution, editing and production value efforts; graphic design work shows proficiency in execution;
  • Text is flawless and grammatically correct;
  • Content represents the values of the Cardano brand;
  • Audiovisual production excels in quality and delivery;

*Please note: Price and trading-related content is not eligible for rewards.*

Ambassador levels

The Ambassador program has three reward levels.

  • Level 1
  • Level 2
  • Level 3

The levels have been designed in a way to reward active participation. The more active one is, the more rewards can be earned.

Once per quarter Ambassadors can nominate themselves or someone else to advance one level. Each level is capped at a certain amount of rewards. The advantage of levelling up opens up the possibility to increase their rewards if they so wish.

Nominate an Ambassador

Thank you for your interest in our Ambassador Program! Nominations are currently closed as we have reached our capacity. Kindly subscribe to the Cardano Community Digest to stay informed about future opportunities and receive the latest news.

Email us at if you have any questions.