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Cardano Summit 2024 Main Stage Location

The Cardano Foundation has announced that the Cardano Summit 2024 will be held in Dubai, UAE from 23 to 24 October. The Summit aims to foster connections and drive the use of blockchain technology into new frontiers, offering attendees opportunities to learn from experts, establish relationships, and find inspiration in how blockchain can solve real-world problems. Dubai’s reputation as a leading crypto hub makes it an ideal location for the event, building on the success of last year’s Summit. The 2023 edition saw over 10,000 attendees and 27 community events worldwide. Cardano Foundation CEO, Frederik Gregaard, highlighted the growing adoption of blockchain across various sectors and expressed excitement for hosting the Summit in Dubai again. Attendees can register their interest and learn more about the event’s agenda, speakers, and activities.

Cardano Summit 2024 Dubai

Speakers for Cardano Summit 2023

The Cardano Foundation today announced the first round of speakers for its flagship annual event, Cardano Summit 2023, which will take place from 2 to 4 November, 2023, with the main stage at the Grand Hyatt in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This year's event will welcome representatives from a broad range of experts and leaders in the blockchain space.

Cardano Summit 2023 Speakers

Cardano Summit Hackathon: Transparency for Governance

The first-ever Cardano Summit Hackathon precedes the Summit’s main event and is already happening online. Final submissions close on 14 September 2023, with an expert panel from the Cardano Foundation and EMURGO judging each entry to decide which participants will take home the top prize—USD $10,000, plus a $5,000 travel and accommodation allowance for attending the Summit in Dubai. Read more

Transparency for Governance