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Genesis block distribution

Distribution of ada token vouchers, which are part of the Cardano settlement layer, took place in Asia in four stages between October 2015 and the start of January 2017. This distribution, essentially a pre-launch sales event, was the first in the cryptocurrency industry to set Know Your Customer guidelines, and an audit was performed on the distribution process. Information and statistics about the voucher distribution are detailed below in the Ada Voucher Distribution Stats section.

In addition to these ada, the Genesis Block Distribution includes an amount equal to 20% of the ada vouchers sold during the Sale period, or 5,185,414,108 ADA. These have been generated and distributed to three groups of entities of the Cardano ecosystem that are part of the Technical and Business Development Pool; IOHK, Emurgo, and the Cardano Foundation, as follows:

  • Cardano Foundation, Switzerland: 648,176,7613 ADA
  • IOHK: 2,463,071,701 ADA
  • Emurgo: 2,074,165,644 ADA

The public sales distribution accounts for 25,927,070,538 ADA. The total amount of ada available at Launch was therefore equal to 31,112,484,646 ADA.


The ada vouchers were sold by a Japanese corporation and its sales force in Japan with total gross sales of 108,844.5 BTC. Further information on the sale can be found here.

A part of the total sales proceeds were donated to the Cardano Foundation as follows:

  • Cardano Foundation, Isle of Man (predecessor): 1,090.00 BTC
  • Cardano Foundation, Switzerland: 7,168.00 BTC

ADA Voucher Distribution Stats
(per ada voucher holder, tickets, distributors)

The four tranches of the distribution are shown with the number of individual Ada vouchers distributed that took place during each stage, and the proportion of the overall distribution that occurred during that particular tranche. The sum taken during each tranche is viewable in Bitcoin, Ada or the equivalent in US dollars. (All Ada voucher holder transactions were made in Bitcoin, or by Yen converted into Bitcoin, to enable transparent blockchain accounting.)

The proportion of ada voucher holders from each region is shown, along with the average size of vouchers held, and there is also information on distributors.


ADA Voucher Holders per tranche

Ada voucher holders per tranche are shown. Each tranche is further broken down by the region in which the voucher holder is domiciled. Japan is the largest region for distribution throughout all four stages of the distribution.


ADA Voucher Distribution BTC price

The average price of Bitcoin during each of the distribution tranches. The average price of Bitcoin increased as distribution progressed through each stage.


ADA Voucher Distribution Owner structure

The proportion of Ada vouchers, as held by the number of ada voucher holders. There were almost 10,000 participants holding Ada vouchers at the end of the distribution process.


ADA Voucher Distribution timeline

The distribution as represented over time, showing either the amount of voucher held by Ada voucher holders or the equivalent value in US dollars, and the cumulative total of the value of Ada voucher distributed.


Ada Voucher Holder Size Distribution

The Ada voucher holder size distributed differently in each currency as well as in the volume of Ada distributed per transaction.



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