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Cardano audit reports


Cardano has embraced a standards driven peer reviewed approach for the scientific research of the protocol development.

We believe the engineering and implementation of the protocol should be approached with a similar degree of oversight. To accomplish this, the Cardano Foundation has been elected to serve as a final auditor of IOHK’s work and the Cardano Foundation have retained FP Complete to perform an independent 3rd party audit of the engineering work completed by the Cardano development team, IOHK.

Not only does this meet with the Cardano project’s aims for transparency, but will also enable IOHK to use this ongoing work to optimise the engineering methods and coding standards used to implement Cardano.

The auditing process carried out by FP Complete commenced in December 2017. February 2018 saw the completion of a full report. FP Complete are producing regular reports for Cardano Foundation that will be shared with the community detailing the findings of the audits.

This approach to development is unique and demonstrates Cardano’s commitment to innovation and technical rigour.

Please Note: Our reports are prepared on a monthly basis, with the report being due for submission on the last day of the month.

We then send the report to IOHK to review and allow a two week window for them to provide a response.

Thus the February report, would be due for public release towards the end of March. As this was the first month, the process was being tested and the report format amended, hence there has been a delay.

We are aiming to have consistency with the dates and process as soon as possible. The nature of the project means that many items are being continually addressed which will be highlighted in the subsequent report.

About FP Complete

FP Complete is an advanced open source server-side software development and DevOps consulting company. They specialize in helping FinTech companies solve unique sets of problems related to data and information integrity, data security, architectural design, systems integration, and regulatory compliance. FP Complete are recognized worldwide for their contributions to the functional programming community using the Haskell programming language. Their people and processes have helped countless companies increase the velocity and quality of their delivered software products. From fortune 500 biotech companies to small blockchain FinTech software companies they have solved unique and complicated problems with expert results.


Cardano Audit Report

Carried out by FP Complete in conjunction with Cardano Foundation
February 2018

This report is based on the following commits:
• cardano-sl: 535c36cf9496958e96aabf57bb875012060b3b34
• daedalus: d9afc5d4308b3b0f8f2467d3db8bb54c4746537e

This is not a final report, but a snapshot of what has been reviewed thus far.


NOTE: This report is intended for public distribution.

This audit report should be considered preliminary work only. It is known to be incomplete. Crucial information for the project has not yet been reviewed. Some statements within may be incorrect. We will strive to improve on these areas in future iterations of the report.

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