The Cardano Foundation – in line with its mission to grow the global Cardano community – established its Ambassador Program in 2018. The flagship program is designed to promote awareness and educate the wider community to drive the adoption of Cardano for better use cases.

The Cardano community is privileged to have committed members. These active individuals drive adoption by going above and beyond their duties by offering timely, consistent and beneficial contributions to the project. These special people are Cardano Ambassadors.

Currently, the program includes more than 50 ambassadors of all ages and professions from almost 30 countries across the globe, with more individuals qualifying during each review cycle. Cumulatively, existing ambassadors produce content in more than two dozen languages.

In a bid to further strengthen the transparency and decentralization of the Cardano ecosystem, the Cardano Foundation introduced Phase 2 (Rewards) of the program in 2020 to motivate and recognize ambassadors for adding value to the community and enhancing Cardano’s brand. Phase 2 (Rewards) includes both monetary and non-financial rewards. The newest phase of the program contributes towards driving the adoption of Cardano through various means.